Effective Opportunities for the Perfect Election Proceeding Following

In the beginning was the Word. For the politician, this word of gospel is proven since it is this magisterium of the verb, of the oral transmission of its values, its ideas, which will forge its credibility in the long course and that as soon as it enters the career.

But beyond the word, beyond words, it is especially the way to embody it that will make the difference. The mastery of nonverbal communication (facial expressions, placement and timbre of the voice, gestures) is one of the factors of success.

The body language of a politician,during a televised debate or a speech in the gallery, directly influences the construction of his image, his credibility, his popularity. According to Professor Jerry Shuster of the University of Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania – body language, tics, mimicry and other facial expressions account for 85% of what the public retains from oral communication. Stakeholders (politicians) need to know how the brain works those who listen to them (voters). Faced with the complexity of political, economic or social reasoning, the viewer’s brain will seek information that is easier to understand, more stimulating or more fun-generating.

The body language or dress style of the speaker will fulfill this function.It is therefore essential that this additional information captured by the brain of the viewer allows him to understand what he has not directly recorded: the body language must facilitate or even amplify the understanding of the oral message.

The woman or politician must bear in mind that a large part of her constituents do not have the capacity to understand all the subtleties or nuances of a complex discourse. All are not experts in economics, political science or international relations. On the other hand, what they can all understand and which will give priority attention is the “behavior” of the speaker when taking of speech, his apparent sincerity, his temperament, the expression of his personality, in other words, the way in which the body of the speaker will embody his message.  Now that the Election results are available online, you will not have to look here and there.

Tip to take into account, for a politician, to succeed in public speaking:

You have about 30 seconds to make a good impression. Scientific research shows that the first impression is often the right one. Researchers asked a representative sample to watch a 30-second video where college teachers were filmed. They then asked this sample to evaluate these teachers on the basis of perceived positive or negative personality traits. Each interviewee had to say what he thought of the teacher. It is disturbing to note that the assessments in this sample cut the assessments of pupils who had followed the same teacher for an entire semester by more than 80%. In 30 seconds, the opinion that the public will be formed on the personality of the speaker is almost definitive.

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